Stratford Roofing Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from our many satisfied clients.

  • “Jon’s customer service has been superb.  I felt very comfortable with him and his colleagues being on our property – very polite and courteous at all times.  Even though the roof has only just been finished (and we yet have to have some rain!), his workmanship appears to be of excellent quality.  I have renovated many houses over the past few years and there are very few workmen i would recommend, however Jon of Stratford Flat Roofs is definitely one i would recommend and would definitely use him again” – Caroline Fitzpatrick
  • “Thank goodness for Stratford Roofing, I rang them at 6 in the monring as my roof was leaking like mad! From a fallen branch, Jon came within the hour to put a sheet over the leak and came back that very night to fix it all at a very reasonable price” – Marilyn Herdman
  • “Thanks to Jon and Stratford Roofing for sorting my flat roof. Excellent work and reasonably priced” – Sandra McGlocghlin
  • “Thanks to Jon and Stratford Roofing for sorting myroofing issues. My roof had many leaks and perished tiles, also the ridge tiles needs repointing. the job was finished in 2 days and the roof is now fully repaired, many thanks, excellent job” – Steve Andrews