Warwickshire, Cotwolds & Stratford Tiled Roofs

Stratford Tiled Roofs - Tile Repair

At Stratford roofing the most common form of roofing is the tiled roof! We have literally worked on hundreds of tiled roofs in Stratford-upon-Avon and the local area. From simple remedial work such as change 1 broken tile to tiling and entire house – we’ve done it all – So feel comfortable that you are in safe hands!

We have access to large stock of every type of tile possible through our trade contacts. If you need Stratford Tiled Roofing to match a tile colour then no problem we’ll get the nearest possible for your requirement. We are happy to look at every sized of job – so if you just simply need a small bit of roof repair then please contact us by clicking here and we’ll contact you straight away.

Stratford Tiled Roofs - Gully Repair


We have a good reputation for working with tiled roofs in Stratford, we can work with even the most tricky of tiled roofs. If scaffolding is required we can arrange it for you using our regular sub-contractors.

If you think that your roof may need some work doing but you aren’t sure please contact use and we can come and have a look, we don’t mind offering this service FOC. As sometimes roof problems aren’t initially apparent from the ground.